Your team event for Christmas

Christmas dinner in Thurgau on Lake Constance

Surprise your employees, customers or club members this year with a complete special Christmas party at our castle.
Various culinary but also playful offers invite you to thank your team or your customers and toast a successful year.
We will help you organize your celebration so you won’t miss a thing. Let us help you our multiple award-winning cuisine and enjoy a
carefree evening in the historic Premises of Seeburg Castle.

Crime thriller dinner

Spit, fate or murder? It is now your turn to find out why the castle ghost of the Lake of Constance cannot find peace and spreads fear and terror around the castle night by night. Together you will solve the mystery!
In this dreamlike fairy tale castle, which is situated at the Lake of Constance, everything seems in order but hold on: do not believe what your eyes catch when the castle ghost suddenly interrupts the idyllic silence. You should not be paralyzed, go on and follow the clues of your detective vein. If you can fall asleep quietly at the end of this mystery night, you and your colleagues will have succeeded in appeasing and giving back peace to the castle ghost.

Team events – 20 or more persons

Ideal for your corporate event, a birthday party or a meeting with your club friends for a relaxed afternoon. We offer and organize a fun event for your setting.

After arriving at the Restaurant Schloss Seeburg you will start the funny team games. The aim of these games are the cooperation in groups in a playful way. Fun is guaranteed. At the end, the best team will be rewarded with a small prize.

Duration of the games: approx. 2.5 hours

Lake Constance Cup

nailing | hay bales and horseshoe throwing | cheese rolling | wheelbarrow racing | rubber boot throwing | memory game | ringing bells | alphorn blowing

Vintner games

Wine barrel rolling | Wine bottle relay | Wine tasting | crate parcours | Fun questionnaire about wine and winemakers | Wine bottles uncork | Olive stone spitting | Wine cork dart

Sensory circuit

The sensory circuit offers you experience, relaxation and challenge at the same time. At 10 stations your senses will be tested in a funny and interesting way. To sharp your senses you not only have to be concentrated but also your coordination is very important.